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Despite changes to its product range, many Origin customers will still be on one of its now retired plans. AGL also has specific offers for solar customers and is one of few retailers to offer specific deals for seniors.

Claiming that its online business model helps keep costs low, Click Energy has been a reasonably-strong performer in our electricity provider ratings in recent years. Now owned by phone and internet provider Amaysim — now also an energy retailer — Click Energy typically provides one main market offer in Victoria, in addition to a couple of deals focussed on solar customers — appearing to offer generous feed-in tariffs.


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All plans come with variable rates and Click Energy has a habit of chopping and changing its main product from time to time. Standard contracts are significantly more expensive than the cheapest market offers. By subscribing you agree to the Canstar Privacy Policy. There are five electricity distribution networks across Victoria, with numerous energy providers operating throughout.

Here is a comprehensive list of electricity providers in Victoria. Those highlighted are partnered with Canstar Blue, meaning we provide links through to their websites. The Victorian energy market went through a significant change in July when tough new regulations took effect, designed to cut prices, as well as make comparing plans easier. The idea is that, unlike before, there is now a consistent price from which plans are compared, meaning you can have greater confidence that the plans boasting the biggest savings genuinely deliver them. At the same time, the Victorian Default Offer VDO acts as a price cap for customers who were previously paying the highest prices on standing offers.

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These customers have now been switched onto the cheaper VDO price and will be saving hundreds of dollars a year. That said, there are still many plans cheaper than the VDO, so shopping around for the best deal is still hugely important. Victoria was the first Australian state to completely remove electricity price regulations in , which means the energy companies are free to set their own plans and prices, with minimal legislative interference under the introduction of the VDO in Households had been able to switch providers since several years earlier, but there was little financial incentive to do so at the time.

With a fully deregulated electricity market, Victorians now have a huge range of different providers, plans and other incentives to choose from. However, with all this choice can come confusion and there is little doubt that the prospect of picking an electricity provider is a daunting one for a great many households, which is why many will still be paying more for power than they need to.

That debate will continue, but for now the key to cutting energy costs is first understanding your options — and then acting on them. This means the state is now heavily reliant on its numerous gas turbine and reciprocating power stations, but with the coal-fired plants getting older and becoming less reliable, Victorians are susceptible to blackouts during periods of high demand when power reserve are stretched to the limit.

More than , people were left without electricity in January as Melbourne sweltered through a degree day and two of the three coal-fired plants failed. Knowing which type you have is the first step to saving money.

Victoria Electricity Rates

Market electricity offers in Victoria come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all include two major costs — supply charges and usage charges. These plans broadly fall into two categories — those which have variable rates and those with fixed rates. The vast majority of electricity plans in Victoria come with variables rates. However, Tango Energy is also known for competitive fixed rates.

The sun may not shine in Victoria as often as some other states, but more and more Victorian households are choosing to invest in solar systems. While all electricity market offers come with some form of solar feed-in tariff , there are only a handful of retailers that offer specific solar plans , usually with higher rates for solar generation. Discounts will usually be applied if you:. Discounts usually apply to electricity usage charges only, but some retailers apply their discounts to your entire bill instead.

But most importantly, you should see how the plan in question compares to the reference price that is the VDO. Failing to meet the conditions of a discount will mean you are left paying the non-discounted rate, which will be much higher. You may also be charged a fee. The following electricity providers offer some form of rewards program to customers in Victoria, bringing savings on various leisure and social activities, including eating out, accommodation and even theme park tickets.

Given that Victoria is one of the most competitive energy markets for the retailers, some of these rewards programs are not available in other areas.

Tango Energy takes over as best-rated electricity provider in Victoria

Energy tariffs are often the cause of confusion for customers, but once you know what they are and how they work, you will realise they could present an opportunity to save on bills. Tariffs available in Victoria broadly fall into two categories:. These rates are usually split into three categories, although the exact times in which they apply can vary between electricity distribution networks.

Time of use energy tariffs are only available if your property has a smart meter. As the majority of homes in Victoria now have smart meters installed, flexible pricing is very common and can be helpful in reducing energy costs, particularly if you generally use power at off-peak times. However, picking the wrong tariff for your usage habits could prove a costly mistake. In addition to single rate and time of use tariffs, households in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria can also benefit from a controlled load tariff also called a dedicated circuit.

A controlled load tariff is a dedicated metering connection that allows households to pay for high-usage appliances, such as hot water systems , at a cheaper rate. A dedicated circuit is usually only applied to electric water heaters, but with more than one circuit, households can also apply them to pool pumps.

Controlled load tariffs are much cheaper than other charges, usually less than 25 cents per kWh. The drawback is that power will only be supplied for a few hours each day i. Victoria has five different electricity distribution networks and the cost of supplying power to your home can be different depending on which network you live on. The five electricity distributors in Victoria are:.

Shopping around on power could save Victorian consumers $2000 a year

As the retailers pass on distributor costs to their customers, the suburb you live in will impact your energy costs. For example, an Origin customer living in north Melbourne would pay a different rate to an Origin customer in south Melbourne, even if they have the same product and identical usage habits. If you are a home owner, there is nothing you can do about this, but if you are renting a home or considering where to buy, this is worth looking into.

Choosing one suburb over another could save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. Given that distribution costs are passed on to the electricity providers, who then pass the costs onto their customers, it makes sense that households in the most hard-to-reach places will pay the most for power as there are more poles and wires involved in transmitting the energy to them. This is the case in Victoria where electricity customers in central parts of Melbourne on the Citipower network generally pay lower rates than those who live on the Powercor and AusNet networks which huge parts of regional Victoria.

These annual costs are based on typical four-person households at a selected postcode in each area:.

Sumo Perks

As you can see, living in one part of Victoria could see you paying hundreds of dollars a year more than an equivalent household in another part of the state, even with the same retailer. There is no simple answer to this question because it depends on a multitude of factors, from the type of contract you have, to your discount, electricity tariffs, and where you live. But to give you an idea of where to find the cheapest energy rates in Victoria, Canstar Blue has a cost comparison page , showing plans from the providers mentioned in this report.

Also be sure to use our comparison tool for specific offers in your area. To make sure that you get a better deal, be sure to consider and ask the following questions:. You will find the answers to these questions and more in the energy price fact sheets of each electricity provider you compare.

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Our electricity provider ratings for Victoria saw a number of brands perform well in different areas. These ratings are based on the feedback of more than 2, bill-payers in the state.

How to Play Victoria II

The market plans offered by Amaysim Energy in Victoria are fairly basic, promising no confusing discounts, just competitive rates. Unlike many providers, Amaysim has a specific plan for solar customers with a higher feed-in tariff than its non-solar product. Amaysim also retails natural gas in Victoria. With this provider you can expect no lock-in contracts or exit fees, and to pay your bills monthly. Its single market offer comes with a pay on time discount off energy usage charges. This provider bills quarterly and sends bills by default through email. CovaU also has a rewards program, offering various discounts and savings with certain retailers and attractions.

DC Power Co is a new energy brand owned by Powershop Australia, with a strong focus on proving services to households with solar panels. Diamond Energy is a relatively small, solar-focused retailer that places a large emphasis on supporting renewable energy generation. In Victoria you can find one electricity market offer available from Diamond Energy, that comes with a discount when you pay on time, by direct debit and receive email bills, which applies for a total of two years.

Elysian Energy is offering a fairly unique approach to energy retail, whereby customers pay a monthly fixed rate for their electricity depending on estimated usage needs. Energy Locals is relatively new to the Victorian market, but is taking giant leaps as a small retailer, supplying power to homes and businesses. What makes Energy Locals a little different is that asides from being an energy company, it is also a social enterprise. Energy Locals currently has two market offers available to customers in Victoria, both of which are relatively competitive in terms of its usage and supply rates.

Online retail giant, Kogan, has entered the energy market by way of its partnership with established retailer, Powershop. Kogan Energy has a helpful app which allows customers to pay bills and check power usage, as well as other useful insights. Melbourne-based People Energy currently only has residential market offers in Victoria, with just standard contracts available in NSW and Queensland. These discounts are ongoing. Like other providers, Powerdirect has historically been known to offer energy to business customers only, but has expanded to provide residential electricity as well.

In Victoria, however, customers will have to settle for fixed rates for 12 months at the expense of discounts.

New Victorian Energy Default Offer

The retailer currently operates in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia, but is perhaps better known for its business energy offerings. In Victoria you can expect to see one market offer that, as mentioned, provides no discount and variable rates. Existing customers should have been notified and switched as a result. Sanctuary Energy is a small energy retailer that has a big focus on renewable energy initiatives, claiming to help customers reduce their carbon footprint by using energy in a more sustainable way.

It also advertises a slew of business energy plans and services. Sumo also provides a basic fixed rate electricity plan for those who want to keep it simple. It is the first provider to move into Tasmania, challenging the monopoly of state-owned Aurora Energy. Within Victoria, 1st Energy is offering one market plan that comes with a large pay on time discount off just usage charges, rather than the whole bill.

In the table below, we compare prices on the Citipower network in Melbourne. We show one product per retailer, listed from the lowest priced estimate first. Use our comparison tool for a specific comparison. Our database may not cover all deals available in your area, and please check retailer websites for up to date information. We list the rates of the cheapest published deal from each retailer.